Clubhouse® Decking

Incredible choice comes with incredible beauty

Clubhouse® Decking showcases nature in a dramatic departure from ordinary planks and drab details. Clubhouse® Decking is the first of a new generation of engineered polymer decking that incorporates advanced material science, world-class engineering, and patented performance manufacturing to produce a deck that is stunning in every kind of weather.

When you choose a Clubhouse® Deck for your home, you join the next generation of deck owners who have come to pride of ownership through exceptional natural beauty, stunning innovative design and cutting-edge performance.

Top 6 Reasons to install Clubhouse® Decking

  • 1
    Sunshield® Color Technology

    Clubhouse® Decking is made with proprietary Sunshield® technology, tested and proven in the field for more than 30 years. Sunshield® is at work in products on more than 5 million homes in North America. Designed to stand up to the harsh effects of U.V. rain and humidity, Sunshield® helps keep colors looking deep and rich for longer.

  • 2

    Clubhouse® Decking is made with Korelite technology, our exclusive, proprietary technology that provides a dense cell structure for the superior strength under foot. Korelite leverages Deceuninck’s world-class in-house material science, tooling and manufacturing capabilities to create a higher density top and bottom – just like an I-beam. And our high-performance capstock and foam interior act like a stress skin panel.

  • 3

    Clubhouse® Decking is backed by a limited transferrable lifetime warranty with 25-year limited fade and stain warranty. Warranteed not to fade by more that 5 Delta E (Hunter) Units for a period of 25 years pro-rated from the date of installation. Provides high-level of stain resistance to permantent stains resulting from spills of common food and beverages.

  • 4
    Impact Resistance

    Clubhouse® Decking rivals the performance of the hardest woods available.

  • 5
    Realistic Wood Grain Finish

    Deceuninck's in-house material scientists and tooling engineers developed an authentic wood grain look that helps with a low-gloss, skid-resistant finish. Clubhouse® Decking's deep grain embossing patterns recreate the warmth and beauty of natural wood. The moving embossing wheel creates a higher level of grain variability.

  • 6
    Dual-Sided Boards

    In our single-extrusion process, our PVC core and proprietary blend capstock become one. Both cap and core are made of like material, creating a stronger chemical bond during extrusion. Additional benefits of the patented dual-sided boards include design flexibilty (boarders, framing, stair treads in different colors), lower inventory, and more opportunity to use spare boards.

Hardwood Color Collection

Distinctive variegated grains that give your Clubhouse a truly unique, natural wood feel. Our Hardwood Collection is designed with variation in color and patterns to allow for the most realistic replication of true hardwood decking.





EarthTone Color Collection

Four style-driven solid shades that bring the look of painted luxury without the need for painted maintenance. A bright way to make set the mood with a backdrop of color.





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